Aquatic Center

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Whether you’re trying to learn the life skill of swimming, challenge your current lap time, or gain the better flexibility and muscle tone that a regular swimming regiment brings to your life, the Bethany Athletic Club Aquatics Program is designed for the love of swimming.

Swimming Lessons In West Portland

The Bethany Athletic Club Aquatics Department is wholeheartedly devoted to providing a fun atmosphere for children and adults alike to develop swimming skills in our community. Bethany Athletic Club offers both children’s swimming lessons and adult swim lessons.

The Bethany Athletic Club Aquatics program holds the core belief that swimming is a valuable lifetime skill as well as a great workout. Learn how to swim with our 7 level group swimming program.

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Reservations for Lap Swim & Aquatics Classes

The Bethany Athletic Club Aquatics Center encourages our members to incorporate swim into their daily lives; we have swim lanes open daily!

Open Swim Lane Hours

Reservations Can Be Made In One of Three Ways:

Things To Know Before You Reserve a Lane